Owning any kind of recreational yacht is often a status symbol, because it is commonly believed that owning something like custom fisher yachts require deep pockets. It is true that a sport yacht can be pricey to buy and to maintain, but you also have the option of choosing your specifications for a boat you can afford. If you get one of the newer ones and maintain it properly, you can control your costs to reasonable levels. Plus, if you observe proper maintenance, the resale value of your custom yacht will be retained. Here are some things you should keep in mind.


Your boat has a motor, so during the winter months you need to maintain its integrity while in storage. This includes sealing the engine and adding the various unguents as per the manufacturer’s instructions i.e. fuel stabilizer. Check your gears and wheel bearings to see if the lubricants are milky; if they are, replace them as this means water has leaked in.

Don’t store your boat without making sure it is spic and span. Remove the battery and all gear before washing it clean, inside and out.


Once spring rolls around, you will want to get ready to go back to the water. Make sure that you have replaced all the gear you had removed before storage and check the oil levels of the engine. Check if the drain plug is back in place and the motor is running before putting it on the water. Install any upgrades you may have purchased.

It doesn’t really take much to keep custom fisher yachts in trim shape; just a good habit of cleaning up and checking on the vessel’s vitals. Prevention is definitely more practical than a cure.

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