It seems that even a casual glance at the news shows rollover accidents happen every day in some part of the US. Some are lucky; they escape with injuries like the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers Cam Newton who sustained two back fractures but is expected to survive the incident. Some are not so lucky, like the driver of the Hyundai that rolled over after striking an SUV near a California high school, who died at the scene.

Many rollover accidents occur upon collision, but not all. There are quite a few vehicles that have a tendency to roll over, many of which are sport utility vehicles (SUVs). Studies indicate that SUVs are more vulnerable to rollover accidents because of their higher center of gravity (COG) and relatively narrow chassis compared to their height.

Some recent cases of rollover accidents happened because the driver was impaired, such as one in South Dakota. The driver was arrested and the passengers of the other vehicle that sustained injuries were brought to the hospital.

Rollover accidents tend to be more deadly than regular collisions with the same magnitude. Most injuries and fatalities in such accidents result from being crushed or pinned inside the collapsed framework of the vehicle after rolling over multiple times, especially if it is stopped by an immovable object such as a tree or road barrier.

The appropriate response from victims for rollover accidents will depend largely on the circumstances. According to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.®, the fault could lie with the other driver, or it could be a manufacturing defect. At any rate, a qualified personal injury lawyer would be a better judge of the merit of a case. If you have been seriously injured in a rollover accident, don’t hesitate to ask a rollover accident lawyer for assistance in your quest to get compensation for your injuries.

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