Dangers Found with Xarelto

People in this day and age are lulled by a sense of comfort found in innovation. New things are constantly promised as something better and more efficient than what came before it – and sometimes, this is true. Sometimes, unfortunately, it isn’t. This is the case found with Xarelto.

When Xarelto (also known by its most predominant ingredient, rivaroxaban) hit the market after its approval from the FDA, it was extremely successful. It is an anticoagulant or a blood thinning agent that is meant to assist people who have just had to have had their knee or hip replaced through surgery as a preventative measure from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or the clotting of a vein found deep within the muscle of the leg that could severely affect the heart.

Despite being widely popular, there have been some unfortunate cases that have been reported wherein people then suffered from gastrointestinal bleeding or brain hemorrhaging upon consumption of the drug. Severe internal bleeding around an organ could alter its blood supply flow, thereby making the organ malfunction or ultimately cease from working – organs such as the heart, the liver, or even the brain. These situations could have extremely dire consequences, sometimes even lethal.

According to the website of law firm Williams Kherkher, manufacturers of dangerous drugs often accrue incredible profits from these products at the expense of public health. Around the world, the sales for Xarelto are at $1 billion. There is no monetary amount known to be sufficient payment for the irreparable damage done to a suffering victim – especially if the side effects of the drug have caused the patient’s death.

New things aren’t always better; this has never been more evident as is with the case of this drug. Drugs like this need to be properly labeled and its potential consumers need to be made aware of its possible side effects before consumption.

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